Cláudia R. Sampaio is a poet and visual artist born in Lisbon (1981). She studied script writing at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, wrote for cinema, television and theater. She has published the poetry books: Os dias da Corja, The first urine in the morning, Seeing in the dark, 1025mg, Another name for solitude and, in early 2020, his first anthology I don't lay down in a dying pose. It is also published in Brazil with the trilogy Inteira como um coice do Universo (Edições Macondo). She has developed, in partnership, a musical work based on her poems and has already integrated several groups as diseuse. In 2019, she joined the MANICÓMIO project, created to help develop the art of people suffering from mental illness. As part of the work carried out on this project, in January 2020 she was part of the first Portuguese delegation to be invited by Outsider Art Fair, the largest informal art fair in the world, in New York, to exhibit her work. She lives in Lisbon with her two cats: Polly Jean and Aurora.